Sunday, February 11, 2007

Magic and Mysticism

Magic (creating, bringing into being) and Mysticism (devotion to the Supreme) go together, or ideally they should. I'm developing my own form of Theta, which by now is very different to the original version i was taught a week ago, so much so that it almost deserves a different name. Although I like the word "theta". Not in reference to brain waves, but the way Teilhard used Omega. Theta process? Theta transformation? Unlike Creative Visualisation, it begins with aspiration for the Supreme, or for that aspect of the Suprme which one resonates with atm. That's the Mysticism. The commanding into manifestation is the Magic. So Magic and Mysticism are not sequential stages as in Wilberian socio-evolution, but two distinct and complementary processes.

I am certainly integrating Theta Healing with the Aurobindonian tradition. In an earlier post I incorrectly suggested that Vianna's Theta Healing was an aspect of the Supramental Change initiated by the Mother (just like the New Age etc). This is incorrect. Theta Healing is basically Magic which invcolces going out of the body, into the astral and mental planes, to effect change. Nothing new there. The Mother new and had long mastered all that and more (under her tutelage with Theon and his wife and even before). But in The Agenda she is very clear that the Supramental Transformation is very different, it takes place in the body, not above.

So what I should have said is that the Supramental transformation has enlisted the aid of these other things (like Magic) and made them more accessible. But they remain very different, even opposite in nature.

What I have done now is scrapped all that visualisation about going out of the body and ascending through the planes that is used in Vianna's method. That's the old method, the old Magic (you can go all the way back to paleolithic shamanism). And it means you get spaced out, and have to ground yourself afterwards, purify yourself, and all that. Now, inspired by The Mother, I simply keep my consciousness in the body. There is no need to go through the planes to contact the Divine, as is done in Theta Healing, because the Supreme is present everywhere and can be accessed everywhere. So I begin by just feeling the presence of the Supreme. There is a particular aspect of the Supreme that I am in contact with, but everyone has to find their own aspect. For example, Sri Aurobindo's book on The Mother has the four Archetypes or emanations or aspects of the Supreme Mother. Then there are other esoteric systems. You find whatever resonates with you, whatever your being is aligned with. Then you can work with that. I don't want to give instructions because everyone has to find their own Truth, their own conception of God/Godhead/Divine/Supreme, whether it be from an exoteric religion, a New Age interpretation, and esoteric teaching, a Fully Enlightened Guru (Sadguru), or anyone or anything else.

Another thing in Theta Healing i never use is NLP. Because Magic is more potent than NLP. And I find I can work on clearing my physical mind using my esoteric knowledge and mind's eye intuition. I don't need to stuff around with NLP. Sure NLP "digging" can reveal stuff in your repressed subconscious, but it's always the same garbage for everyone, I'm not worthy, I'm going to go to hell, etc etc; mostly just culturally conditioned and an artifact of the NLP type process and resulting word association in any case. It's more useful to just clear stuff as it arises.

A lot of this stuff will be minor "astral parasites" from what Mirra calls "the most material vital". Or it could be deeply rooted stuff. Whatever, you clear it, send it to the Supreme, dissolve it in Light, use whatever works for you (because everyone has to create their own method that is suitable for them). Each time you do that, each time you clear out a load of garbage from the subconscious, you feel much Lighter and more joyful.

This is also what those Rainbow Bridge people do; clear out the aura. I remember reading that book many many years ago and it made an impression on me, even though I'm not into Alice Bailey. But basically what I'm doing now includes a simpler version of what they say. No need to worry about visualising a soul star etc. Also I incorporate a lot of Mirra's and Sri Aurobindo's ideas which they don't have access to. But it is intriguing to see these common ideas.

So even after a week I feel like I've made huge progress. Is this a short-term thing that requires me to keep using the method, or a permanent change, the benefits of which will remain even if i stop practicing? I don't know; it is too early to say. As with everything, it comes down to will and self-discipline, and even if the results are permanent rather than temporary (when i did old style meditation the relaxation effect was very temporary), that itself is even more motivation to keep going.

Certainly the task of healing oneself, and healing the planet, using both mysticism and magic (or Aspiration and Command) is a very potent and powerful technique, and I look forward with great enthusiasm to seeing what the future holds! And will be reporting updates here and in my Zaadz blog too (which I've been neglecting a bit and need to add to). Also these insights will mean yet another revision (but a very positive one) to my book. That's life!


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