Thursday, September 07, 2006

Palaeos website down

I have been so busy with my other projects that I forgot about Palaeos (although I was working on the Middle Permian about a month or two ago). It seems that the site is down, because in doing maintenances work the server deleted the whole thing. I found out about this about 3 days ago. I don't have an up to date backup; well i have a backup of some parts but not on a number of new pages like the Eukaryotes. There's a whole giant section that hasn't been backed up. I could get it through painstaking going through the cache on the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive), but that mostly captures text; rarely the graphics files.

Anyway i'm kicking myself for not creating a complete backup on my hard-drive

I emailed my friend Toby who was managing, editing, and updating the site until he had to take a sabbatical from it for about 6 months or so (due to r/l commitments), but haven't received a reply yet. Hopefully when I hear from him he'll be able to restore the site.

Anyway, it's depressing, because it was a good site that many people all over the world used as an important reference, a real alternative to the endless sites on dinosaurs etc (sorry, don't mean to criticise, but what about all the rest of the history of life on Earth?), and so much work went into it. Hopefully when Toby gets back on line he'll be able to restore the site.


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